Living with Food Allergies in Colorado Springs

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gluten warning on bread pictureFood allergies are increasingly common complaints among individuals of all ages.

For these people, sensitivities and allergies to foods like milk, soy, nuts, gluten, eggs and shellfish can make simple tasks such as preparing dinner, incredibly challenging. In severe cases, just coming into contact with allergens can cause symptoms like itching, swelling and the inability to breathe.

While there are several treatments available in the event of an allergic reaction, the key to handling food allergies is prevention. Thankfully, there are several ways this can be achieved.

Here at Asthma and Allergy Associates, we are committed to helping sufferers of asthma and allergies in Colorado Springs. We also provide a wide range of resources to help you recognize allergy symptoms.

First of all, in order to prevent reactions, full knowledge of an individual’s particular allergies and sensitivities is essential. Our Colorado Springs allergists can perform thorough tests to determine which allergies are present. These procedures involve a physical examination as well as skin and blood tests that properly diagnose allergies to food and other substances.

Next, our allergy experts will likely recommend an elimination diet, which will help monitor and confirm allergy sensitive ingredients in a particular diet. Our Colorado Springs allergists will also instruct patients on how to read food labels. Understanding ingredient labels is extremely important when it comes to dealing with allergies and, when properly performed, can prevent symptoms and harmful complications.

While reading food labels is essential in preventing reactions, it can often be difficult. However, once patients know what to look for, understanding labels is quite simple. For example, individuals with peanut allergies should look for the words “contains” or “may contain,” and other information regarding how and where the food was prepared and packaged. Many foods, although they do not contain peanuts or other allergy sensitive ingredients, were manufactured on equipment that also processes nuts, gluten, soy or other potential allergens.

While reading food labels can be difficult, dining out can be especially challenging for individuals with food allergies. For people with gluten intolerance or a peanut allergy, finding options that are gluten free in Colorado Springs or peanut free in Colorado Springs may seem like an impossible task. It can be impossible to determine a dish’s exact ingredients; websites like can be highly beneficial. This site lists restaurants and cafes whose menus feature allergy-free food options. For potential diners looking for options that are gluten free in Colorado Springs, or peanut free in Colorado Springs, can visit, select their particular allergy and search specifically in the Colorado Springs area. It is always also best to make sure that your server is aware of your food allergy.

If you think you may have gluten intolerance, peanut allergy or any other food allergy, make an appointment to see Asthma and Allergy Associates Colorado Springs today. We are trained to treat asthma and allergies in Colorado Springs and are committed to improving your health. From diagnostics to prevention and treatment, our staff is here to help. Call today and schedule a consultation!

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