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Asthma and Allergy Research Center

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The Clinical Research Center at Asthma and Allergy Associates, has been conducting pediatric and adult drug research for more than 25 years. The center is located at our Colorado Springs office. Robert A. Nathan, MD and Daniel F. Soteres, MD MPH are Co-Directors of The Research Department. Dr. Nathan is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of asthma and allergly research. He has participated as a presenter at over 160 international and national meetings and symposiums, and has authored or co-authored 180 peer reviewed articles, editorials and chapters.

As Director of the Research Center, Dr. Nathan has supervised more than 200 research projects from inception to conclusion. The research staff, which includes medically trained personnel, has combined research experience of more than 35 years. Dr. Nathan and Dr. Soteres are assisted by a licensed Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner.

The research facility is fully equiped with patient examination rooms, computerized breathing test stations, electrocardiogram machine, laboratory for processing blood and urine specimens, x-ray capability, and a patient lounge. The space dedicated to the conduct of clinical research totals over 2000 sq. ft.

The Center’s staff is commited to the safety of the participants while delivering compassionate care in a warm, comfortable environment.

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