Colorado Springs Pollen Report – June 4, 2013

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Today’s pollen report for Colorado Springs:

Trees – High

Grass – Moderate

Weeds – Moderate


Allergy Tip of the Day:

Allergies on the Road

No matter what form of transportation you take to get to your destination, it’s impossible to avoid allergens. But a few easy steps can keep your exposure to a minimum.

In the car:

Travel during low-traffic periods, like early morning and late evening. Not only will you avoid the higher levels of air pollution caused by idling vehicles as traffic slows to a crawl, you’ll spend less time on the road!

Avoid driving with the windows down; use the air conditioner instead. Be sure to use the “recirculation” setting rather than the outdoor vent setting, and try turning on the A/C for about 10 minutes before you set out. That can help remove dust mites and mold from the upholstery.

“Most newer models of cars have cabin air cleaners, meaning that the air in the passenger compartment is recirculated through some sort of filter,” says James L. Sublett, MD, an allergist in Louisville, Ky. “These should be changed regularly, when the oil is changed. Don’t try to save money by not doing that, because they can really improve the air quality in the car.”

Provided by Asthma and Allergy Associates P.C., Dr Robert Nathan, Dr. Daniel Soteres & Dr. Luke Webb

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