Indoor Allergens During Winter

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Indoor-AllergensThere are many allergy sufferers who only experience seasonal allergies. One type of seasonal allergy is known as hay fever. This type of allergy is caused by pollen, and when the frost and cold winter weather sets in, seasonal allergy sufferers get a period of much needed relief.

Some allergy sufferers are plagued all year because they are also allergic to indoor allergens. Winter indoor allergies can make people miserable with a variety of symptoms.

Indoor allergens consist of those allergens found inside of buildings and homes. The reason that they affect people so much in the winter is that people are inside much more. Also, central heating systems often stir up the air inside the house, thus stirring up allergy-producing dust. Typical indoor allergens include house dust, household mold, pet dander and house plants.

Winter indoor allergies usually present with the symptoms most people associate with seasonal allergies. Sneezing and a runny nose are prominent symptoms. Those suffering from indoor allergies may also have a dry cough that seems to hang on throughout the winter season. In addition, patients may experience fatigue from continual coughing and sneezing, as well as itchy eyes.

Consulting an allergy physician at AACOS can provide patients with the treatments they need to keep winter indoor allergies under control.

Allergy physicians identify allergic triggers and advise appropriate avoidance measures or prescribe medications targeted for your specific symptoms.  Another effective therapy for allergies is desensitization, also known as allergy shots.  These can work to better control a person’s symptoms and minimize or even eliminate the need for allergy medications.

To get more information regarding indoor allergens during winter, or to schedule an appointment with one of our allergen professionals here in Colorado, give the staff at Asthma and Allergy Associates a call today! They are here to help you fight your allergies!

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