AACOS Helps Colorado Residents Stay Healthy With Yearly Flu Shots

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Flu-ShotsEach year, thousands of people across the United States get sick with the flu. They miss school, work and other activities, and they typically feel awful. Thousands of people even die each year due to flu complications. While the flu is fairly common, catching the flu is not inevitable. Thanks to modern medicine, the flu vaccine and Colorado allergy doctors, Colorado residents can avoid catching the flu this winter.

What are the Benefits of the Flu Shot?

While the vaccine does not prevent the flu 100 percent of the time, getting the flu vaccine is still the best way for people to increase their chances of staying healthy this winter. Getting vaccinated reduces people’s risk of getting sick, requiring medical attention and spreading the illness throughout the community.

Who Should Get a Flu Vaccine?

Anyone who wants to skip the misery that comes from catching the flu should get the flu vaccine. Additionally, people who are in poor health or who are at a high risk for flu complications should be sure to get the vaccine. These people include small children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions including diabetes and asthma, and those who work with or frequently come into contact with these groups.

When Should People Receive a Flu Vaccine?

The flu season generally lasts from October through May, and the sooner people come in for their vaccines, the better. This will give their bodies a chance to build up immunity before they encounter the flu virus. Early vaccination also helps prevent the flu from spreading within the community.

Where Can Colorado Residents Get a Flu Shot?

Asthma and Allergy Associates (AACOS) offer vaccines to established patients at each of their four Colorado locations: 2709 North Tejon Street and 8890 North Union Boulevard, Suite 185 in Colorado Springs, 41 Montebello Road, Suite 202 in Pueblo, and 1332 Bauer Lane in Cañon City. Injection hours vary, so be sure to check out our locations page on our website for exact hours!

In addition to providing flu shots, Colorado allergy doctors at Asthma and Allergy Associates are happy to answer any questions that people may have about the vaccine, its risks and its benefits. People who would like more information about the vaccine should call one of the flu shot experts at AACOS for more information.

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