Food Allergy Summit – Epidemiology and Food Allergy Facts

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Dr. Daniel Soteres of the Allergy and Asthma Associates wants to inform everyone about food allergy facts and helpful information. His Food Allergy Summit Series has many different entries that provide you with all you need to know about allergies to food. To begin this entry, one may ask, “what exactly is the epidemiology of food allergies and why are these allergies increasing?”


•15 million Americans have food allergy.
•1 in 13 American children have FA.
•Every 3 minutes a person goes to the ER for a food allergic reaction.
•FA is the leading cause of anaphylaxis outside of the ER in the U.S.

Why is food allergy increasing?

There are several reasons food allergy researchers have found why symptoms have been increasing across the globe.

•Hygiene Hypothesis
•C-sections versus other delivery
•Vitamin D levels
•Changes to food processing procedures
•We really don’t know!

Which Foods are Important?

With every other health ailment out there, food allergies have many different levels of allergic reaction symptoms and causes of those reactions. Just because one  person if allergic to gluten, doesn’t mean they are also allergic to peanuts as well. This is why it is extremely important for anyone with food allergies to see a food allergy doctor like the physicians here at Asthma and Allergy Associates, so the appropriate testing is done and the correct treatment plan is in place. That one person who is allergic to gluten will, most likely, not have the same treatment plan as the persona who is allergic to peanuts. Below are the most common food allergies, but aren’t limited to just these food items of course.

Six most common food allergies are:

•Tree Nut

Other common food allergens:

•Sesame seed

For more information about food allergy symptoms and the epidemiology of allergic reactions to certain foods, give our friendly allergists here at Asthma and Allergy Associates a call today! We are here to help get you on the correct food allergy treatment plan, so don’t wait any longer!
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