Different Types of Allergic Reactions

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allergic-reactionsAllergic reactions and their symptoms are not all alike. Some people have very mild allergic responses to things like pet dander, pollens, dust or mold spores. However, allergies such as tree nuts or stinging insect venom can trigger a fatal allergic reaction in some people. These severe reactions can result in anaphylactic shock, which closes the airways in an affected person. People can also be allergic to other foods, various drugs, animals, other insects and even materials such as latex and jewelry.

These allergies are one of the body’s immune responses that are classed as “hypersensitivity.” The reaction caused by an allergen, triggers an immediate reaction in the affected person when they are exposed to that allergen they are sensitized to. The way to find out which substances are causing an allergic reaction is through allergy testing.

Testing Options for Allergies

Testing begins with a trained allergy specialist doing a detailed history to elicit possible triggers. This is followed by skin testing to identify allergens that may be clinically relevant. Blood tests, although not as sensitive as skin prick testing, may also be performed.

Treatment Options for Allergies

Treating allergies involves several different methods, and their use depends on how severe a patient’s allergies are. Many people with mild allergies find that taking a decongestant and/or an antihistamine can greatly reduce the allergic reaction they experience. However, this works best for patients with hay fever or rhinitis. Other patients find considerable relief from topical steroid medications. For severe potentially fatal allergies, epinephrine may be needed. It is administered in emergency situations in the form of an injection. This is commonly referred to as an “Epi-Pen.”

How Can Allergy Doctors Help with Allergic Reactions?

At Asthma and Allergy Associates P.C., AACOS, trained allergy doctors can provide extensive allergy testing and counseling for those who are experiencing symptoms. They can talk to their patients about how to take care of themselves and live with their allergies, no matter what kind of allergic reaction they are experiencing.

Allergic patients can live normal lives. Allergies can be managed through a combination of medicines, immunotherapy and avoidance of allergic triggers. No matter what, it is important that allergy sufferers try to manage their condition as much as possible. Allergic reactions can worsen over time, or patients can develop new allergies as time goes on. The highly trained professionals at AACOS are there to help patients break the cycle of allergy suffering and move on with their lives.

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