How Can My Child Play Summer Team Sports When They’re Allergic to Grass?

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sports-allergiesThe smell of fresh-cut grass and the gentle rays of the sun envelope everyone out on the field. Shortly after the first kick, pitch or throw, however, so do the sounds of coughs and sneezes. The parents of children allergic to grass might feel the need to pull their kids from the team, but this doesn’t have to be the solution.

Allergic triggers and symptoms can vary significantly. Some children will have very mild reactions to their pollen allergies, and they might just sneeze here and there. Others could have constant sneezing or coughing, teary eyes, and difficulty breathing. Working with a professional allergist at AACOS helps parents to determine the specific problems their children are facing with an allergen.

Doctors can properly diagnose and treat environmental allergies such as pollens and outdoor molds. Through allergy testing, parents are often able to learn what substances their children are allergic to and begin a comprehensive plan. The exact treatment plan generally depends upon the severity of the allergy and what previous treatments have been used. Allergen immunotherapy, for example, is a very effective treatment option.  This can be done either as injections, sublingual drops or in tablet form, depending on what the allergens are.  Working with the team at AACOS can help children to live a normal life and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Spending time outdoors is not only an important part of childhood, but it also helps children to maintain a healthy weight and to work towards a healthy lifestyle. Finding exercise methods that work for little ones can be difficult, but this necessary movement comes naturally when little ones run and play outdoors. Being outside helps the body combat obesity, and the fresh air brings a sense of relaxation and calm to the mind. All of these benefits can start with an grass allergy appointment at Asthma & Allergy Associates of Colorado Springs.


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