Pollen Allergy Testing

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pollen-testingEveryone wishes to feel care-free when they go outside and enjoy their environment with friends and family. However, when it comes to allergies, many folks fall victim to pollen. Thankfully, there are ways to improve one’s way of life after the triggers are identified with allergy testing.

Pollen allergies can show themselves in a variety of symptoms. A person might sneeze during the day and even suffer from wheezing. They may complain of nasal congestion or develop a cumbersome cough. Someone allergic to pollen might report that their eyes are itchy and watery. They may also suffer a stomachache, runny nose or itchy throat. Due to these symptoms many people with allergies have sleep disturbances and trouble concentrating at work or school.

When someone suffers from pollen allergies, they might be curious to know what actually causes them. Pollen is the mass of reproductive spores produced by a plant that fertilizes the other plants around them. When the air moves, the pollen flies into the air, and those who are allergic to pollen breathe in these particles. The lungs may react to the foreign particles, causing what is commonly known as an allergic reaction.

Pollen allergies can be very frustrating, and it’s important to know when to get help. Fortunately, the board-certified pollen allergy specialists at Asthma and Allergy Associates in southern Colorado (AACOS) know how to assist those who suffer from these types of allergens. When patients come into AACOS, they’ll give a detailed account of their environmental and medical history. The professionals there will ask about the symptoms and what triggers the allergic reactions.

The doctors will go on to perform a comprehensive physical exam on the patient. The professionals at AACOS will go on to administer the allergy skin tests, to find out what triggers the allergic reaction. After this, they may perform a test called spirometry to measure the patient’s lung functions.  Other tests might include blood tests or x-rays.

Those allergic to pollen can be comforted by the fact that there are ways to combat the allergen during their daily life. There are many ways to ease a patient’s symptoms. The pollen allergy experts in Colorado at AACOS can make this intimidating allergy a thing of the past.

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