Colorado Springs Pollen Report – April 30, 2015

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Top 3 tree species: Cottonwood/Aspen/Poplar, Juniper/Cedar, Pine

Allergy Tip of the Day: Take Control of Your Pet Allergies

  • Try not to hug or kiss pets if you are allergic to them
  • Stay away from litter boxes and place them away from vents in homes with central heating and air conditioning
  • Wash hands after touching a pet so you don’t spread the dander
  • Think about placing plastic covers on upholstered areas your pet may sleep
  • Wash your pet every week. Several shampoo products are available in pet stores that may neutralize or inactivate allergens present on the skin of cats and dogs
  • Someone who doesn’t have allergies should brush the pet regularly, outside of the home
  • Talk to your vet about getting a well-balanced diet for your pet. This change in diet may help to minimize hair loss, which can reduce dander indoors
  • Use a double or micro-filter bag in the vacuum. There are also chemical solutions that may remove allergens present in carpeting
  • If you have a pet allergy but still want to keep your pet, talk with your allergist about allergy shots, which can reduce or eliminate the reactions you have to your furry friend

Provided by: Asthma & Allergy Associates, P.C. and Research Center, Dr. Robert Nathan, Dr. Daniel Soteres, Dr. Luke Webb

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