Colorado Springs Pollen Report for July 31, 2015

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Tree pollen: Pine
Grass: Present
Weed pollen: Chenopod/Amaranth, Sagebrush, Ragweed

Allergy Tip of the Day: Managing Food Allergies at College

For many of us, going to college is an important milestone. As a student heading off to college, this may be the first time you’re on your own – and fully responsible for managing your food allergy.

Here are some tips on what to consider while researching to which schools you should apply, and tips on how to make your college years rewarding and safe.
Food Services

If you’re thinking about applying to a particular college, be sure to arrange a meeting or conversation with the food services director. Find out if you’re required to live on campus and eat in the dining halls. What accommodations are made for people with food allergies? What steps are taken during food preparation to ensure that there is no cross-contact? Ask if the school has a MicroFridge rental program. This combination microwave, refrigerator and freezer can make it easier for you to store food safely and prepare your own meals.

Provided by: Asthma & Allergy Associates, P.C. and Research Center, Dr. Robert Nathan, Dr. Daniel Soteres, Dr. Luke Webb

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