Colorado Springs Pollen Report for October 4, 2016

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Highest Pollen Present:

Weeds: Sagebrush, Ragweed, Chenopod/Amaranth

Trees: Pine

Pollen Counts:

Trees: Low

Grass: Absent

Weeds: Moderate

Mold: Low

Allergy Tip of the Day: Milk Allergy or Lactose Intolerance

What is the difference? Milk allergy involves the immune system, while lactose intolerance involves the digestive system.


An immune response to one or more proteins in cow’s milk

Symptoms include: rash or hives, coughing and wheezing, swollen lips, vomiting and stomach pain

In rare cases it can lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition requiring emergency treatment


The digestive system is unable to efficiently break down lactose, a type of sugar in milk

Symptoms include: stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea and nausea

It is not life-threatening, but it can impact quality of life

Provided by: Asthma & Allergy Associates, P.C. and Research Center:

Dr. Robert Nathan, Dr. Daniel Soteres, Dr. Luke Webb

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