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Certain lots of the epinephrine auto-injector EpiPen have been recalled. This recall affects EpiPens distributed from Dec. 17, 2015, through July 1, 2016. EpiPens are a vital safeguard for people with severe allergies, especially food allergies that must be addressed immediately. It is important that these patients replace recalled EpiPens as soon as possible.

What You Should Know

A defective part of the triggering mechanism led to the international recall. Two cases of failure have been reported so far, but the manufacturer says that the defects are extremely rare. Effected devices may require more force to activate, or they may not deliver the epinephrine at all. While both of the malfunctions reported so far did not have tragic outcomes, an EpiPen failure could certainly lead to a life-threatening situation.

What You Should Do

Check the list of recalled EpiPen lots against your current devices. The list can be found here.

If your device is on the recall list, call your pharmacy right away. Recalled EpiPens will be replaced with an equivalent device. In the meantime, the manufacturer recommends keeping your device until you have obtained a replacement.

NOTE: If your EpiPen is not on the recall list, there is no need to replace it.

Who You Can Call for Additional Assistance

If your EpiPen has been recalled or if you have any other questions about your device, you can call the distributer Mylan at 800-796-9526 or email customer service at You can also get more information from your pharmacy.

In addition, Asthma & Allergy Associates of Colorado Springs is ready to assist. “We have worked hard to educate our food allergy patients and their families on the importance of reading ALL food labels to identify food allergens,” said Dr. Soteres, an allergist and immunologist at AACOS. “Now, [our patients] need to read the labels on their EpiPen Autoinjectors to see if this recall applies to the devices they have at home. We are available to help them with this process.”

If you are an EpiPen user, check your devices right away. If you need help, give us a call at 800-533-3900. We are here to help you and your family stay safe.

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