Colorado Springs Pollen Report For September 12, 2017

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Pollen Data:





All Types



Sagebrush, Chenopod/Amaranth, Ragweed, Other



Allergy Tip of the Day: Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces

As seasons change and the weather cools, many people rely on wood burning stoves and fireplaces as a primary or secondary source of heat. Maybe throwing a log on the fire for the ambiance is tradition in your home. Unfortunately, wood burning can be hazardous to your health and those around you. This is especially true for people with lung conditions, as well as children, elderly, and people with heart conditions.

Smoke from fire places can cause cough, wheezing, asthma attacks, and other health effects. Be sure you are using your wood burning unit according to manufacturers instructions. Ventilation is extremely important. This reduces particle pollution and carbon monoxide build up, along with other emissions.

Reduce your pollution by updating your wood burning unit. Wood stoves, pellet stoves and hydronic heaters must meet 2015 standards. The EPA has adopted new standards that will phase in causing manufacturers to produce cleaner, more efficient units that will be mandatory by 2020. Many are already meeting that mandate and will have a hang tag indicating they are compliant with these regulations.

If you cannot update your unit or must burn wood, find the cleanest, driest wood available. Do not burn wet wood, green wood, corn, or other grasses as these produce finer particles that get deeper in the lungs causing more damage to the lungs.

Finally, do not burn on high pollution days. Some communities have these bans in place. Check your local advisories to determine if it is safe to use your wood burning unit.

Burn smart, burn safe, and have a healthy, warm home.

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