Pollen Season Even Earlier This Year

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pollen reportAsthma Allergy Associates, PC announce the debut of the 2018 pollen season, which beats the Pollen Season of ’17 by 3 weeks.

In 2017, the Pollen Counter at Asthma Allergy Associates, Rebecca Sherman, was astounded to announce the season the 20th of February. However, this year it started the 1st of February.

Much like last season, the temperatures have been unseasonably warm.

Rebecca Sherman, of Asthma Allergy Associates, one of the small number of pollen counters nationally, started pollen counting 2/1, which will continue into October. During these months, Rebecca’s responsibilities for the practice increase significantly. In addition to mixing for allergy extracts for 1100 patients, Rebecca also has the rare skill set for pollen counting.

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