KOAA News5 Reports on the EpiPen Shortage in Southern Colorado

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EpiPens are in short supply across the country, and southern Colorado is no exception. There is always an uptick in EpiPen sales and refills during the back to school period in August and September, but due to the shortage, this year has been especially challenging for area parents.

KOAA News5 interviewed Dr. Soteres, a specialist at Asthma & Allergy Associates, about what parents can do.

“There is a range of safety (to consider) there,” said Dr. Soteres. “But I generally tell people in the clinic to keep their expired EpiPens. They still work; they just may not work as long.  It’s better than not having it available at all.”

Dr. Soteres also suggests checking with your insurance if you are having trouble getting your EpiPen prescription filled. There may be other devices covered and available.

For more information about EpiPens, allergies, or other related conditions, give Asthma & Allergy Associates in Colorado Springs a call today.

To read the entire article on the KOAA News 5 website: Click Here

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