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Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) is a skin condition that consists of a dry, red, itchy, scaly  rash.  It’s common with children but can occur at any age.  It may accompany asthma and hay fever.  It can be a chronic condition with unpredictable flare ups.  There has been no cure, but certain medications, and home remedies have helped control symptoms.

The cause is related to a gene variation that prevents the skin from protecting against environmental factors.

Eczema can be diagnosed by a medical provider from an examination and sometimes further assessments.  Treatment starts with trying to identify the triggers that worsen the condition, like soaps, detergents, stress, certain foods, and even dust.  .

Complications can include skin infections, sleep problems, depression to name a few.

Peter Moffitt, an award winning screen writer and the executive producer of “The night OF”, highlights the social impact of this disease with the main character suffering from Atopic Dermatitis.  Peter himself is a sufferer.  The link to the video below is designed to bring awareness to the disease.  He discusses the stigma of the disease and how many misunderstand it, assuming that it’s contagious when it’s not.

The social impact can be devastating.  As a result a number of eczema support groups exist for patients to share their stories, their remedies, give advice and/or get support.  A link to one such group is listed below.

Asthma Allergy Associates of Colorado Springs is doing a free assessment at this time for a eczema  Call 4730872 to schedule a free assessment..  That link is also below.

This has Peter’s story.  He’s the executive producer of HBO’s The Night of.

National Eczema Support Group

The eczema trial we are conducting with Pfizer – we will be listed soon when this trial opens.

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