Make It a Safe Thanksgiving for Those with Food Allergies

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Thanksgiving is typically the kickoff to the holiday season and a great time to plan ahead for your family member who might have an allergy or for your guests who may be allergic to certain foods you may have on your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Here are some tips to best ensure a safe Thanksgiving …

TIPS for an Enjoyable Holiday

  • If you are the host, ask your guests if there are any food allergies to be aware of. If there is a guest with food allergies, finding safe food substitutes for some food allergens can be found at the FARE website (Food Allergy Research & Education) There are food substitutes for milk, wheat, eggs, and peanuts.
  • If you are a guest, call the host and let them know of your family member’s allergies, and offer to bring dishes that are safe for your loved one
  • Eat a big breakfast or lunch before arriving as many appetizers have nuts, seafood and other allergens.
  • If you have a child with a food allergy, discuss what they can and can’t eat, and have a dish that you have prepared for them for peace of mind.
  • Have a plan with your significant other to take turns watching out for children with food allergies
  • Be sure to have two epinephrine auto-injectors at all times if prescribed

Avoid Emergency Room Visits

Holidays typically bring on more food allergy related ER visits, so be sure to plan ahead, whether you are the host or the guest to have a fun, safe Thanksgiving and holiday season with family and friends!

Asthma Allergy Associates Can Help

At Asthma Allergy Associates, PC and Research Center, we created a Food Allergy Center because of the rise in food allergies. Be sure to visit: Schedule an Appointment

This post was recently updated and originally published on November 7, 2017.

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