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30 Years of Experience

Asthma & Allergy Associates has been diagnosing, testing and treating Southern Colorado resident’s asthma and allergy symptoms for many years now. Our allergy doctors have the best reputation in town and our 4 office locations in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City make appointment bookings easier for all clients.

AACOS specializes in asthma diagnosis and treatment for both adults and children, as well as allergy symptom diagnosis, skin testing and allergy relief for all ages. Our main doctors, Dr. Daniel Soteres, Dr. Luke Webb, and Dr. James Fulton, are popular with the kids and loved by the parents due to the friendly service and treatment success they consistently provide patients suffering from asthma or allergy issues.

What We Treat

Colorado’s Asthma and Allergy Associates P.C. and Food Allergy Center strives to provide expert medical care and allergy relief to the greater Pikes Peak area of Colorado Springs, Pueblo and their greater Southern Colorado region, and Canon City with convenient hours for appointments and allergy injections. Our main medical asthma and allergy treatment focuses include:

  • pediatric asthma
  • adult asthma
  • COPD diagnosis and treatment
  • exercise-induced asthma
  • hay fever diagnosis and treatment
  • pollen allergies
  • pet allergies
  • food allergies
  • gluten allergies
  • peanut allergies
  • yeast allergies
  • egg allergies
  • allergies to milk
  • soy allergies
  • shellfish allergies

Enjoy the Colorado Lifestyle!

We are here to help diagnose and provide relief for all allergy and asthma symptoms the community is suffering from in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canyon City and across southern Colorado. Get help and GET TESTED! Contact any of our office today, or fill out the “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” form to scheduled an appointment with AACOS!