blood tests

Recommended Routine Tests

Several validated and scientifically proven tests are available to help identify a food allergy. The board-certified allergist will use the combination of history and test results to help find the safest dietary pathway.  These tests have proven diagnostic value at our clinics in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Canyon City. They may include:

  • Food Allery Skin Prick Test
  • Food Allergy Blood Test for serum IgE for specific foods of concern
  • Oral food allergy challenge.
  • Food Allergy Trial Elimination diet

Experimental tests:  Component Related Diagnostics (CRD’s) can identify one or more specific proteins of a food.  The hope has been to identify these proteins and use the information to aid with prognosis and severity.  However, results have been mixed and have not been shown to be better than the combination of history, skin test and standard IgE blood testing for food allergies.

Buyer Beware:  your insurance company may not pay for CRD’s!

Tests that are not recommended for routine use in the diagnosis of food allergy:

  • Intradermal tests
  • Total Serum IgE tests
  • Food patch testing
  • Basophil Histamine release
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Allergen-specific IgG/IgG-4 measurement
  • Electrodermal testing
  • Cytotoxicity testing
  • Hair analysis
  • NAET (Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment or Nambrumipads Elimination Allergy Treatment)

Buyer Beware:  your insurance company may not pay for these tests!


To schedule a recommended routine test, please contact your local Colorado board-certified allergists here at Asthma & Allergy Associates Food Allergy Center today!