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Treatment of Food Allergies

Currently, the only way to prevent a food-allergic reaction is to avoid the problem food.  Currently there are studies that show many kids with egg and cow’s milk allergy can eat foods with these baked inside.  Those who continue to eat the baked products have a much better chance of outgrowing their food allergy.

Another treatment on the horizon is desensitization.  “In our office we have performed many peanut desensitizations with good results.”  This and other immunotherapy protocols for food allergies can be performed safely and improve quality of life for our patients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City.  You will need to discuss food allergy immunotherapy with a board-certified allergist with experience in the procedures.

Develop a Food Allergy Action Plan.

Dr. Soteres says, “In my training program, one of my mentors always said, ‘If they can tolerate it then keep eating it.’ She was talking about the frequent questions about food labeling that states “may contain” or “produced in a factory that contains….”  It has now been observed and published that the majority of kids who are allergic to cow’s milk and egg can tolerate extensively heated forms of these allergens, such as in bakery goods, and that ingesting these products might speed recovery.  A long term study showed that those kids who were able to tolerate baked milk products (muffins) in their diet were 16 times more likely to develop tolerance of regular milk versus those practicing standard of care avoidance measures.  A similar study of children tolerating baked egg and consuming it regularly showed a 14.6 times more likely to develop tolerance to unheated egg.  While these studies were not randomized and may be biased they suggest and immunotherapeutic response.

Success in treating a food allergy with immunotherapy requires a personalized approach.  At The Food Allergy Center of Asthma & Allergy Associates, PC you receive personalized treatment like food allergy immunotherapy in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City. We have board-certified allergists, qualified nursing staff and a nutritionist to come up with the best plan for you.

Daniel Soteres M.D., MPH

Semper Paratus… Always Prepared.

An effective food allergy treatment plan includes all of the following:

  • Identify the food allergy triggers
  • Learn where the foods are use and how to identify “hidden” sources of the foods.
  • Avoid the problem foods.
  • Wear identification.
  • Carry medication EVERYWHERE.
  • Use the medication at first sign of a reaction.
  • Tell someone if you are having a mild reaction and do not try to “go it alone”.
  • For Severe reactions go to an Emergency Room