Insect bites got you down?

By Dr. Daniel F. Soteres, Board Certified Allergy/Immunology Asthma & Allergy Associates, PC with locations in North Colorado Springs, downtown Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Canon City Wow!  [...]

Allergies: For love of pets, and their owners

Pet Allergies Suffering from pet allergies can be quite difficult, especially if you are an animal lover. Most households these days own at least one family pet and some of those households have [...]

Controlling the Source of Winter Allergens – Prevention & Elimination

Many people are plagued by hay fever and seasonal allergies in the spring and fall. However, winter allergy sufferers must deal with their allergy symptoms throughout the year because of their [...]

Indoor Allergens During Winter

There are many allergy sufferers who only experience seasonal allergies. One type of seasonal allergy is known as hay fever. This type of allergy is caused by pollen, and when the frost and cold [...]

Pet Dander Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Pet dander is commonly shed by animals and household pets at various times throughout the year. Specifically, pet dander consists of dead skin particles that are shed, usually along with fur, [...]

Allergies to Pets Dust and/or Mold

If you have allergies to pets, dust and/or mold you may qualify for this study: If you are 18 years old or older If you have a two year history of symptoms If you have asthma, it is very mild If [...]

Winter Allergy Tips

Most people associate allergies with the warmer months of spring, summer and early fall. However, although pollen levels are significantly lower during the cold winter months, indoor allergens [...]