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Getting tested for asthma and allergy symptoms is the first step to knowing exactly what allergens your body is allergic to. A professional diagnosis and treatment plan is something our allergy doctors do on a daily basis. We want you to get back to your normal, daily life, and no longer suffer from asthma or allergy symptoms. Allergy skin tests allow our doctors in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City to identify the exact source of your sneezing, runny nose, itchy or coughing.

Everybody’s allergic triggers are different, so an allergy skin test is the best way to isolate and identify exactly what you are allergic to. A professional testing and diagnosis session with our Colorado allergy and asthma clinics will provide our allergy doctors with the proper information to develop an allergy treatment plan specifically for you. Not all patients who come in to visit AACOS in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City are urged to take our skin tests. We will always go through many medical questions before recommending any skin test.

Contrary to what a lot of other sources out there say, our Asthma & Allergy Associates P.C. skin tests cause little to no discomfort at all. We always strive to make sure our patients are comfortable at all times when visiting one of our allergy testing clinic locations in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City for a skin test. The instruments used during our tests are barely felt, so even your children can feel at ease during their allergy testing appointment.

The best part about our allergy skin tests? You’ll know your results before you even leave the doctors office!

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