Gifts for Friends and Family with Food Allergies

As the holiday season continues, so do occasions for those with food allergies to be exposed. Many traditional holiday foods contain one of the “Big 8” food allergens: dairy, eggs, fish and [...]

‘Tis the Season to Be Cautious about Hidden Food Allergies

The holiday season is here. Over the next month, many people will attend large dinner parties with mixed company and banquets serving traditional holiday dishes. For people with food allergies, [...]

Fall Allergy Symptoms

If the pollen season is over, why do I have allergy symptoms? The main factors that are affecting people with allergies and allergy-like symptoms in the fall are: Global climate change and rising [...]

Make it a Safe Thanksgiving for Those with Food Allergies

Thanksgiving is typically the kickoff to the holiday season and a great time to plan ahead for your family member who might have an allergy or for your guests that may be allergic to certain [...]

Colorado Springs Pollen Report For October 31, 2017

Due to inclement weather the pollen report was not available for today’s date. This officially ends the 2017 pollen reporting season. Please check back starting in February, 2018.


Does the thought of eating certain foods make you anxious or uneasy? Do they trigger swallowing difficulties, vomiting, or abdominal pain? Then you may be able to take part in a new clinical [...]

Colorado Springs Pollen Report For October 27, 2017

During the winter, dry indoor air is often the cause of chapped lips, dry skin and irritates sinus passages. The moisture from a humidifier can soothe dry sinus passages. However, if you have [...]

Allergenicity Not Related to GMOs

In a time of rapid scientific progress, including advancements in bio- and genetic engineering, many people are justifiably concerned about the effects that this progress may be having on our [...]

Colorado Springs Pollen Report For October 26, 2017

Contrary to your mother’s beliefs, making your bed can make you sick. Making your bed creates a warm, moist environment for dust mites to grow and thrive. Leaving your bed unmade allows for [...]

Phone System Upgrade

Telephone system outage: We are converting from our 10 year old telephone system to a Voice over IP (VoIP) totally digital system which will provide better service to our patients and other [...]